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Randy Gardner is available to present Modular Music Masterclasses at your institution, workshop or event.  Feel free to assemble any number of modules from the list below to fit your needs.  Randy is available for single or multiple-day residencies.   Special requests are welcome.   Questions?  E-mail Randy Gardner at  

1 1/2 – Hour Sessions

Effective Approaches to Teaching and Learning

Achieve your full potential as a teacher and performer, and learn how to become your own best teacher. Proven techniques to diagnose and solve problems in a simple, time-saving manner are presented. Discussions proceed from the macro level of teaching philosophy/psychology down to ‘nuts and bolts’ issues. Both teachers and students will benefit from this session.


Practice for Success

Make the most of those hours in a practice room. Among the topics discussed during this session are goal setting, time management, organization of practice periods, productive attitudes and study habits, problem solving, helpful resources, and uses of technology.


Fine-tune Your Ears

Learn to instantly differentiate the qualities of sound (and types of pain) associated with flatness and sharpness, and experience the great resonance produced by pure intonation. The science of just intonation and equal temperament is made simple. Exercises are demonstrated that systematically lead musicians along the road to hearing with remarkable pitch discrimination.


Mental Focus – Distraction Class 101

Music performance is a mental game. Learn techniques to develop iron-clad mental focus, and personally experience Distraction Class 101 – an ever-popular class that challenges and intensely focuses the musical mind. Be prepared for surprises and fun along the way.           


Audition Preparation

Auditions are opportunities to turn dreams into reality, whether those dreams are to win a position in a high school band, college music program, community orchestra, or major symphony. This session will provide keys to open those doors to opportunity. 


Visualize to Realize

Learn visualization techniques that Olympic athletes employ in their quest to become champions, in order to greatly enhance your performances and realize your goals.


Achieving Peak Performance – Sports Psychology Meets Music Performance

Realize your potential in high-pressure situations. Advances in sports psychology have had an amazing impact in all fields of performance. Learn specific techniques and holistic approaches from the discipline of sports psychology that are now benefiting musicians, SWAT team members, and business executives who must perform at the highest level under pressure.


Developing a Career in Music

After college, then what? Topics include career opportunities, developing a private studio, K – 12 and college teaching, military bands, the symphony life, entrepreneurship, resume writing, auditions and interviews, professional etiquette, networking, social media, and helpful resources.

2 to 3 – Hour Sessions

Mastering the Horn’s Low Register

Barry Tuckwell called Randy Gardner’s Mastering the Horn’s Low Register “…an invaluable book for all horn players,” and David Ohanion wrote, “ …it is the most important new offering to the horn world since Kopprasch.” Mastering the Horn’s Low Register ( is written for all horn players, students and professionals, who wish to enjoy the many benefits that come with low register proficiency. Interactive masterclasses based on this book focus on production fundamentals and excerpt lessons, and are tailored to fit the needs of any audience. 


Horn Masterclasses

Students perform in a traditional masterclass setting.


Brass Masterclasses

Students perform in a traditional masterclass setting.

Additional offerings include:

Teaching Individual Horn and Brass Instrument Lessons


Conducting Rehearsals of:

Wind and/or Brass Sectionals of Orchestral Repertoire

Horn Choirs     

Brass Choirs

Wind Serenades and Harmoniemusik Ensembles


 (CCM Esprit de Cor Horn Choir performances are posted on the Videos page.)


Coaching Chamber Music Ensembles of any configuration

During rehearsals and coachings, attention is focused on refining ensemble skills and sense of style while preparing polished performances of the selected repertoire. A strong emphasis is placed on opening the ears of ensemble members to music being made by their colleagues. During the course of these interactive rehearsals, ensemble members are regularly called upon to discuss their perception of specific details such as balance, intonation, styles of articulation, note lengths, and phrasing. Emphasis is also given to appropriate stylistic performance of the chosen repertoire. 


Special topic requests are welcome!


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